So, why do I code now?

Making coffee one day I thought,


Ok, that’s not completely true but I did decide I wanted new challenges. I started my interest in computers at an early age and, once a gamer, always a gamer?


I am a web developer, I haven’t always been and it’s be a long road to get here. I have found it hard, but I have pushed through barriers as I love it! I understand the journey to get from A to somewhere near B and I am not stopping now. With guidance I know I can produce quality work. Anybody that can play the same Sonic game 6 hours a night for 2 years (as a kid, I swear) can turn that devotion into something productive (and maybe some of that time to getting through the death egg zone, finally!) To continue my journey i am looking to gain as much knowledge as i can!

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A simple arcade game with maximum wow. Based in Javascript / Html5 / CSS3 it was my first attempt at building a web application.


An online database of free workspaces available to the freelancer. Built with express.js / MongoDB / Node.js.

What's your beef

Trying to be vegan is a tough cross over from the norm! This app created a database for users to upload and view recipes. Each user was a chef and could view other chefs. It was based in the MEAN stack and was a group effort. I developed the front-end with the end help of colleagues and played a big part in the styling of this app using Bootstrap.


Ask a question. Get a reponse. That simple. Except the future of this project would allow 'askers' to see the 'responders' ratings, see previous answers and then judge whether they take those responses on board or not. The back end is built in Ruby and the front uses angular.js. This was also my first use of tachyons which I hugely enjoyed!


Skills and tools

The current state of my knowledge and skill tree.

  • Languages

    HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript / Ruby
  • Additional tools / Frameworks

    ES6 / AngularJS / Node.js / Express.js / JQuery / AJAX / Rails 5.
  • Operating Systems

    Windows / Mac
  • Style

    Bootstrap / tachyons / Pure
  • Design

    Wireframing / Photoshop / Design